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Ancient City Sirens

Ancient City Sirens is an all female pirate and dance entertainment crew

based in St. Augustine Fl. 

We re-enact, dance, mermaid, and MORE!


Gina Marie is the Director and driving force behind Ancient City Sirens, a philanthropic organization that combines the art of piratical dance entertainment with a strong commitment to giving back to the community. With a passion for supporting charities and uplifting the pirate community, Gina Marie has dedicated herself to this cause for over 15 years. Affectionately known as Captain Cannonballs, her love for pirates and her unique sense of humor have made her a beloved figure within the organization and beyond.

As the leader of Ancient City Sirens, Gina Marie

has taken her pirate-themed performances across the state and beyond, gracing events and festivals with their lively and captivating shows. Through their performances, Ancient City Sirens not only entertain audiences with their piratical dance routines but also raise funds for various charitable causes.

With Gina Marie at the helm, this philanthropic organization continues to make a positive impact in both the entertainment industry and the lives of those in need, all while celebrating the spirit and camaraderie of the pirate community.

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